An Exclusive Membership Offer for The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs

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The City Tavern Club is pleased to invite the members of The Virtual Oxus Circle to enjoy this exclusive opportunity. We would like to extend to you, our friends, the many benefits of an affiliate membership at the City Tavern Club in Georgetown.

  • The Initiation Fee will be waived or reduced for members of the Oxus Society — an immediate savings of up to $2,500.
  • Room rental fees are waived or reduced for members to host events —Save up to $7,400 for premier Georgetown event space.
  • Join us for one meal on a trial basis with no membership commitment. Just email the City Tavern to rsvp as an Oxus Society member.
  • Entertain guests in the very same spaces once visited by the Founding Fathers, including presidents George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Host cocktail receptions, speakers, tastings, and other events at preferable rates in one of Washington’s most historic venues.
  • Attend Club events like author book talks, speakers on politics and world events, festive parties, wine nights, receptions or formal dinners.
  • Spend time with friends, classmates, or colleagues over a drink or meal in the Club’s Tap Room, Long Room and other elegant spaces. * Enjoy a meal or host an event on the outdoor Bliss Room Terrace! * Offer your colleagues and friends the exclusive benefit of expedited consideration when applying for Club membership.
  • Take advantage of the City Tavern Club’s reciprocal clubs located throughout the U. S. and worldwide. * Call the last Federal-era tavern in D.C. your home away from home!

City Tavern Club
3206 M Street NW
Washington D.C. 20007

To learn more about membership opportunities at the City Tavern Club, please contact our Club General Manager, Heather Herfel, at 202-337-8770 or

Constructed in 1796 near the intersection of today’s Wisconsin Ave. & M St., the City Tavern served as the principal tavern in Georgetown as the new federal city of Washington was being built. A welcome dinner was held at the City Tavern for President John Adams when the nation’s capital moved from Philadelphia to Washington in 1800.

In 1959, the building was restored to its original Federal grandeur and new event spaces were added. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the City Tavern Club exists to preserve this last Federal- era tavern in Washington.

The City Tavern Club is an oasis in the heart of Georgetown. We welcome as members all those who wish to enjoy the setting of an elegant, historic building and diverse social club, and who contribute to our many interests in educational and intellectual pursuits, history, culture and the arts, and fellowship and camaraderie among friends.