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India and Central Asia: the Strategic Dimension

Phunchok Stobdan, India and Central Asia: the Strategic Dimension, (New Dehli: KW Publishers, 2020). In 2017 Mehbooba Mufti, Chief Minister…

Dushanbe’s Potemkin Hotel: Nepotism and Public Integrity in Tajikistan

For over a decade, the empty shell of a multistory hotel has sat vacant on Rudaki Avenue, the central thoroughfare…

A Troubling Taboo: The Absence of Sex Education in Kazakhstan

Assel was 13 years old when her teacher attempted to educate her about sex. Visibly nervous, the teacher showed the…

Waiting for the Sea: An Interview with Director George Itzhak

Waiting for the Sea from George Itzhak on Vimeo. The film centers on a techno music festival in Moʻynoq, in…

After a Flawed Election: What Next for Tajikistan?

On October 11, a masked Emomali Rahmon cast his ballot in the sixth presidential election in the country’s 29-year history.…

Indian Shikarpuri Trader Communities in Central Asia

Shikarpur is a town in Sindh in modern-day Pakistan sitting at the mouth of the Bolan Pass, which was once…

The Growth, Adaptation and Limitations of Chinese Private Security Companies in Central Asia

In this paper, we explore the third strategy in China’s toolkit by examining the activities of Chinese PSCs in Central Asia, a region of vital importance to the success of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Polymaths of Islam: Power and Networks of Knowledge in Central Asia

James Pickett, Polymaths of Islam : Power and Networks of Knowledge in Central Asia, (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2020).…

Toxic Masculinity and Uzbekistan’s Domestic Violence Crisis

On September 3 Akida Mokhirova , blogger and founder of the charitable organization “Pokiza Insonlar” (“Noble People” in Uzbek), posted…

The Migration – Extremism Fallacy

Even if all 5,000 of the Central Asian fighters in Syria had been migrants in Russia at a particular moment in time, this would mean a migrant in Russia has a 0.05-0.1% chance of radicalizing, based on recent estimates of that community’s size. In other words, there is at least a 99.9% chance of not radicalizing. 

As Sino-India Relations Enter Free-fall, New Delhi Finds Itself at the Margins of the SCO

High in the mountains of Ladakh, Asia’s economic giants India and China came to blows in June in their disputed…

London’s Anti-Kleptocracy Setback: A New Way Forward?

Earlier this year, overshadowed by both the pandemic and the ongoing global recession, the United Kingdom took one of its most substantial steps toward rooting out dirty post-Soviet money from British markets.

Avoiding Dependence? Central Asian Security in a Multipolar World

The U.S. is largely exiting the region as a security partner, while Moscow continues to retain a strategic edge over Beijing. But the gap is closing, and, if the trends continue, Moscow may find its influence further undermined in the coming decade.

Mapping Patterns of Dissent in Eurasia: Introducing the Central Asia Protest Tracker

The Central Asia Protest Tracker (CAPT) dataset produced by a team at the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs mapped out a total of 981 incidents in the five Central Asian republics.

Rock in Uzbekistan: A Voice of Diversity

It’s a Saturday night in the center of Tashkent. An unmarked door with a $1 entry fee leads you upstairs…

The Bukharan Crisis: A Connected History of 18th Century Central Asia

Producing a work like Scott Levi’s The Bukharan Crisis ought to be a mandatory service for every senior historian upon…