About Us

The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs is a DC-based non-profit organization dedicated to fostering academic exchange between Central Asia and the rest of the world.

The Oxus Society:

  • Provides a platform for early career researchers, practitioners and established academics to present their work to a broad audience by publishing research on the politics, economics, cultures, history and societies of Central Asia;
  • Compiles original datasets and develops analytical tools to help advance understanding of the latest developments in the region;
  • Organizes events for scholars and members of the public;
  • Hosts resources for educators and researchers;
  • Organizes workshops focused on research ethics, methods, data analysis and publishing for researchers working on Central Asia.

Research is essential to the development of Central Asia and its most pressing concerns require knowledge-driven solutions.

Developing the academic sector will help stimulate cultural exchange, innovation, develop human capital, and spur economic growth.

We believe that people living in Central Asia and beyond benefit from closer ties, intercultural exchange, and investment in the region’s people and institutions.

Our Core Values

Oxus Society is committed to:

  • Pluralism: We promote critical thinking, independence of thought and academic freedom.
  • Inclusivity: We offer a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages and disciplines to speak freely and openly on a variety of issues.
  • Balance: We strive to provide a forum for debate and discussion around a range of different viewpoints and ideas.
  • Equity: We produce knowledge in collaborative ways that give full credit to those involved in generating the ideas.
  • Empiricism: We disseminate research and analysis that is derived from rigorous, original data collection from a variety of sources.

Our Approach

Through its core mission and values, Oxus Society has created a unique platform for advanced understanding of Central Asian affairs.

  • Oxus Society brings together a diverse mix of academics, journalists, activists, entrepreneurs, and government officials to draw attention to underreported subjects of local and global importance.
  • Oxus Society, in positioning itself within the framework of a rising Asia, moves beyond stereotypical Western-centric views on the region and strives to bring new voices to the fore and build real dialogue. Our programs are driven by their participants from around the world and are non-partisan in nature.
  • Oxus Society issues research reports highlighting key trends in the region. Our fellowships will enable select participants to conduct collaborative research projects in the region and advance the mission of Oxus Society.
  • By compiling original datasets on a range of key issues, Oxus Society aims to enhance understanding and help set the agenda for research on the region. Through these activities, we strengthen networks of knowledge transfer among a wide range of people and institutions.

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