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Dialogue Summary: Kazakhstan Futures

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In January 2023, Oxus Society launched the Kazakhstan Futures program in partnership with funding from the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan, a year-long program and workshops exploring how Kazakhstan’s future socio-economic challenges and opportunities may evolve by 2050. Topics included infrastructure development, climate resilience, human capital development, and foreign direct investment climate. The program brought together 26 experts from Kazakhstan and the United States. Program activities, including a series of reports, news briefings, public events, and presentations, involved a diverse group of over 100 experts, private-sector, and government stakeholders in Kazakhstan. The program was implemented in two phases culminating in public events starting in Phase One in September 2023 and then in April 2024 for Phase Two.

Participants addressed the following questions:

  • What are the prospects for decarbonization in Kazakhstan? What factors are inhibiting this?
  • What is the potential for a transition to green energy?
  • How can we ensure the green transition provides benefits to all Kazakhs?
  • What role might critical minerals play in Kazakhstan’s future economy?
  • How can the benefits of economic growth be more evenly distributed throughout society and in different regions of the country?
  • How can Kazakhstan improve its investment climate?
  • How can Kazakhstan provide jobs for its growing population?
  • How can human capital be improved? What role can education play in this?
  • How can Kazakhstan harness the AI revolution?

This dialogue summary summarizes the major themes and points of discussion over the course of the program.

This report is published as part of the “Kazakhstan Futures Program” with financial support from the
U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan