Chinese Scholarship on Central Asia

This database collects texts of Chinese scholarship on Central Asia.

The entries have been compiled through keyword searches on publishers’ websites, research bibliographies and searches within library collections. The inclusion criteria for the database are the following:

  • Single or multiple author monographs;
  • Works of non-fiction within the social sciences and humanities;
  • Authored or co-authored by at least one person who was born in Central Asia;
  • Published since 1991;
  • Published in any language.

The database includes entries in English, Russian and local languages from Central Asia. Entries appear in reverse chronological order by year of publication.

We update the database on a continuing basis as new work is published and we discover missing entries. This database is far from comprehensive, but it is our hope that the project will grow over time into an invaluable resource for scholars and practitioners working on the region.

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