Year in Review

Notwithstanding the challenges brought by the pandemic, the Oxus Society has had a fruitful first year.

Thanks to the generous support of our founders and donors, the Oxus Society is well on its way towards making its vision into a reality. Recognizing that any organization is only as strong as its members and supporters, Oxus leadership have brought together the right people at the right time to meet a critical need for greater knowledge generation and interdisciplinary collaboration on Central Asia.

Within the span of a few months, Oxus Society has hired core staff, appointed Board members, assembled an Advisory Council of leading experts, and built relationships with institutions that share our goals and values. Among other accomplishments, the Oxus team have developed and disseminated unique and helpful research tools such as our migration and protest trackers, and our database of books authored by scholars from Central Asia.

We are also actively building a community of Central Asia enthusiasts throughout the world via our vibrant Virtual Oxus Circle events.

On behalf of the Oxus team, we hope you will join us in making the Central Asia research community even more diverse and cooperative. Wishing you all the best this holiday season.

Robin Swearingen,
Chairman of the Board of Directors