Barakatullo Ashurov

Lecturer , Harvard

I am cultural historian of medieval and modern Central Asia.

Zhanibek Arynov

Postdoctoral Scholar, Nazarbayev University

My research interests include Central Asian geopolitics, Eurasian regionalism, EU-Central Asia relations, Kazakhstan’s foreign policy, and the issues of international identity, image, and perception. Currently I am working on internal and external (de)legitimation of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Vera Axyonova

Marie Curie REWIRE Fellow, University of Vienna

My research interests include knowledge production and the role of expert communities in policy processes in Kazakhstan and Russia as well as international organizations’ (especially the European Union’s) normative and security engagements in Central Asia.

Bashar Malkawi

Global Professor of Practice in Law, University of Arizona

My work sits at the intersection of WTO/GATT and preferential trade agreements. My work also focuses on a range of interests including intellectual property and China’s integration with the global economy.

Anastassiya Reshetnyak

Researcher, PaperLab

Violent extremism, community resilience.

Nurseit Niyazbekov

Assistant Professor, KIMEP University

Democratization, Protests, Social Movements, Political Culture, Authoritarianism, State Building, China and Central Asia, Civil Society.

Begench Yazov

PhD Researcher, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich))

Works on the current status of ICT in education for achieving the SDG4 in Central Asia, especially in Turkmenistan. Other long term-research interests are digital transformation at higher education, international cooperations and state-level educational reforms (through possible partnerships between EU and CA states).

Alisher Sadykov

Researcher and Lecturer , Almaty Management University

Alisher Sadykov is an alumnus of the Bolashak program and a graduate of Warwick University with his master’s degree in international political economy. Currently, he teaches at the Almaty Management University. Alisher’s research interests include economics, macroeconomics, geopolitics, national security, international trade, investment and tourism, national branding and political economy, ideology, national ideas, the image […]

Ben Hales

Graduate Student, University of Oxford

China’s historic borderlands, Trans-border histories of the Kazak minority in Xinjiang, competing nationalisms in Central Asia, China’s ethnic minority policies.

Anastassiya Perevezentseva

PhD Candidate, School of International Service, American University

Anastassiya Perevezentseva is a doctoral candidate whose dissertation focuses on contentious politics, populism, and democratic backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe. Her dissertation examines the interactions between social movements, political parties, and civil society, and how these interactions result in movement outcomes. She concurrently conducts research in the area of post-Soviet studies. She had previously […]