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Western Development Research Series·Xinjiang Special: Western Development Research Series A Study on Development Strategy of Agricultural Cooperation between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan 西部大开发研究丛书·新疆专辑 新疆与哈萨克斯坦农业合作发展战略研究

 Author: Nihemaiti Huojia  Category: Agriculture, Chinese Scholarship, Kazakhstan, Xinjiang  Publisher: Zhejiang University Press  Publication Date: 2014  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

In recent years, my country’s “going out” strategy has achieved good results, showing a multi-regional, multi-field and multi-form situation. The development of agricultural cooperation between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan is one example. Kazakhstan has abundant agricultural resources endowment, and has obvious complementarity and mutual benefit with Xinjiang’s agriculture. It is an ideal region for Xinjiang’s agriculture to “go global”. Xinjiang has unique advantages and has broad prospects for cooperation with Kazakhstan in the fields of agricultural product trade, agricultural science and technology, and agricultural investment. “Research on the Development Strategy of Agricultural Cooperation between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan” by Nihemaiti Huojia is a useful attempt in this regard.
“Western Development Research Series·Xinjiang Special: Research on Agricultural Cooperation and Development Strategy of Xinjiang and Kazakhstan”, based on the theory of comparative advantage, firstly studies the comparative advantages and regional distribution of Xinjiang’s main agricultural products, and Xinjiang’s export-oriented agriculture and brand strategy. investigation; secondly, a serious analysis of Kazakhstan’s agricultural resources and their characteristics; thirdly, a profound analysis and research on the feasibility of agricultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and Xinjiang, and the promotion of Xinjiang’s modern agricultural technology in Kazakhstan; The strategic conception, countermeasures and policy suggestions for the labor transfer to Kazakhstan, the expansion capacity building of Xinjiang agricultural products in the Kazakhstan market, and the sustainable development of agricultural cooperation between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan.