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Western and Central Asian Seals and Arts Eastwards Spread中西亚印章及艺术的东传

 Author: Han Xiang  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, History, Journal  Publisher: The Western Regions Studies, 2020(2),124-135  Publication Date: 2020  Language: Chinese

Since the Qin and Han dynasties,the seal-system in ancient China has been established along with the maturity of the development of the Han style of seals. While, along the Silk Road, the western seals, especially the Central and Western Asian seals and its artistic styles spread eastwards into China. Many of these seals are found in northern China during the Middle Age. This article mainly explores the influence of the seal culture from Central and Western Asia, specifically from Persia, Gandhara and other places during the Middle Age of China. It also unveils that the development of the Silk Road during the Middle Age had an significant impact on the communication between the eastern and western civilizations.