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The Trump Administration’s New Afghanistan Strategy and China’s Policy Options – 美国特朗普政府的阿富汗新战略及中国的政策选择

 Author: Zhao Huasheng  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: Contemporary World, 2017(10), 42-45  Language: Chinese

In August 2017, Trump announced a new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan. The new strategy is not a fundamental replacement of the U.S. Afghan strategy. Its basic goals and approaches have not changed substantially from the Obama administration’s new Afghan strategy. The differences are mainly at the level of strategy and operation. However, in the political construction of Afghanistan, Trump’s strategy has put forward some new ideas. Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy has pros and cons for China. China and the United States lack the basis for strategic long-term cooperation in Afghanistan, but the two countries can carry out specific problem- and goal-oriented cooperation.