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The Great Changes in Central Asia and the British Policy Response (1864-1885) 中亚大变局与英国的政策应对(1864-1885年)

 Author: Du Zheyuan  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History  Publisher: China Social Sciences Press  Publication Date: 2021  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

In 1864, Central Asia entered an era of great changes. The first driving force that caused the outbreak of great changes was Russia’s extensive expansion in Central Asia. Since Central Asia is related to the security of British India, Britain’s most important colony, Britain paid great attention to its strategic competition with Russia. This was part of the “great game” between Britain and Russia in Asia in the 19th century. In this process, the UK has successively launched negative “smart inaction” policies, positive “smart inaction” policies, moderate “forward” policies, aggressive “forward” policies, and reluctant “forward” policies. The central goal of these policies was to deal with the Russian threat, and the main focus is on Afghanistan.