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Texts, images and cultural transmission – 文本、图像与文化流传

 Author: Zhang Guangda  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Xinjiang  Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press  Publication Date: 2008  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

From the author’s point of view, a large number of newly unearthed texts and images from the Middle Ages of China in the 20th century, if they are examined in the scope of Asia and then the world, then the appearance of Chinese culture presented in the Sui and Tang dynasties is obviously a As a result of the fusion of various cultures, the field of vision to investigate it can neither be limited to Luoyang, Chang’an nor the Western Regions focusing on the four towns of Anxi. In a sense, cultural diversity, rather than ideological unity, contributed to the glory of the Tang Dynasty. The excavation of a large number of new materials, such as fragments of Manichean texts from West Asia and North Africa, and Zoroastrian images from West Asia, is a clear expression of this openness and diversity of civilization. The articles included in this series are case studies, which are intended to trace the inland transportation between Europe and Asia in the Middle Ages, and to explore the interaction between medieval China and the outside world at different levels of material life and ideas.