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Study of Building a New Type of International Relations——Analysis of Relations Between China and Kyrgyzstan From the Perspective of Geopolitical Economics 构建新型国际关系研究——以中国与吉尔吉斯斯坦关系的地缘政治经济学分析为视角

 Author: Ouyang Xiangying  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Economics, Geopolitics, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: Academic Journal of Russian Studies, 2018(3), vol. 8, 64-84  Publication Date: 2018  Language: Chinese

There are three levels of building a new type of international relations: firstly, relations between great powers; secondly, relations between neighboring countries; thirdly, relations between developing countries.These three layers can be independent respectively or cross each other. No matter which level, the new type relations between China and one of them should include economic, political and security relations, the only difference is that it has a different focus when China deals with different countries.The basic information of one country, including size, geographical location, the development stage, is the premise by whichwe judge its position in international relations and the basic demands, it is also the coordinate system that we deal with the bilateral economic relations.Compared with the world economy with its own rules, international politics is more unpredictable, this requires we closely follow the real-time change of host countries, take political reality as an important basis for determining the bilateral political relations.Since security interests are the primary interests of China and Central Asian countries, security relations among the geopolitical, economic and security relations between China and Kyrgyzstan should be taken as the top priority.