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Strategies in the Northwest: Badakhshan and Central Asian Diplomacy in the Middle Period of Qianlong 经略西北: 巴达克山与乾隆中叶的中亚外交

 Author: Ma Zimu  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History, Xinjiang  Publisher: Shanghai Ancient Literature Press  Publication Date: 2019  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This book focuses on the relationship between the Qing Dynasty and Badakshan between the 24th year (1759) and the 35th year (1770) of Qianlong, and discusses the process of establishing and developing the Qing Dynasty’s power and intelligence network in the West Pamir and its actual operation. Based on the case study of the relationship between the Qing Dynasty and the Badak Mountains, this book also expects to examine how the construction of political culture during the Qianlong period interacted with the imperial court’s westward travel strategy, and how the “Western Regions” interacted with the borderlands. It has become a popular topic among scholars with little interaction.