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Steppe Silk Road and Central Asian Civilization 草原丝绸之路与中亚文明

 Author: Zhang Zhiyao  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, History, Nomadism, Religion  Publisher: Xinjiang Arts and Photography Press  Publication Date: 2012  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

Altai is one of the central areas of the cradle of ancient civilizations in Central Asia, and it is the gathering place of the eastern and western cultures of Eurasia. In 1957, the Altai Society, which took the multidisciplinary content of the Altaic language area as its research object, was established; in the future, many countries in Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific region have successively established research institutions of Altai. At present, Altai science has become a popular subject with a scope. In order to promote local Chinese culture and strengthen cultural exchanges with foreign countries, Xinjiang Altai Studies Association has actively participated in the ranks of Altai studies in recent years due to its rise. In the past ten years, Xinjiang scholars have discovered rare ancient cave paintings in Central Asia, Mongolian deer stones and Western deer stones in the Iron Age, as well as a large number of rock paintings in the Altai region of China and its neighboring areas. There are quite a variety of human-shaped stone statues in ancient, middle and modern times. The investigation and research results in this area have attracted great attention from some scholars in Japan, Europe and America.