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Searoutes and Landroutes – 海路与陆路

 Author: Liu Yingsheng  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History, Religion  Publisher: Peking University Press  Publication Date: 2011  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

“Sea Road and Land Road” is a selection of research achievements on the history of Sino-foreign relations in the past 20 years by Professor Liu Yingsheng, an expert on the history of Mongolian Yuan Dynasty and overseas transportation history. The book is divided into two parts: sea and land. “Sea Route” examines the concepts of “East Ocean” and “Western Ocean” from a new perspective, explores the activities of China in the Western Pacific Ocean and the North Indian Ocean in Zheng He and his previous era, and the role of Macau in the exchange between the East and the West. “Land Road Edition” starts from the migration activities of nomadic peoples in the north and south of the desert in the Middle Ages, and discusses the relationship between the Han land and inland Asia in the Yuan and Ming dynasties from the perspective of the comparison of Han-Islamic historical materials.