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Research and Outlook on Energy Internet in Central Asia中亚能源互联网研究与展望

 Author: Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO)  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Energy  Publisher: China Electrical Power Press  Publication Date: 2021  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This report is one of the results of a series of Asian energy Internet research. It analyzes in depth the resource conditions, economy and society of various countries, the current situation and development trends of energy and electricity, and proposes a clean energy base and regional energy internet construction plan to evaluate the scale of energy Internet investment. The content is divided into 7 chapters: Chapter 1 introduces the current situation of economic, social, energy and power development in Central Asia, analyzes the advantages and challenges of achieving sustainable development and energy transformation in Central Asia, and puts forward ideas for the development of the energy Internet. Chapter 2 Looking forward to the development trend of energy and electricity transformation in Central Asia, comprehensively considering factors such as resources, population, economy, industry, technology, climate and environment, and proposing energy and electricity forecasting scenarios, energy supply will develop in the direction of clean leadership, consumption will develop in the direction of electricity as the center, and the installed capacity of clean energy will increase rapidly, and power supply will develop in the direction of cleanliness and diversification. Chapter 3 Synthesizes climatic data such as wind, light, and precipitation, as well as geographic information, land cover, and other data to study the distribution of clean energy resources and the layout of large-scale power generation bases in Central Asia. Chapter 4 Based on the endowment and spatial distribution of clean energy resources, as well as the characteristics and positioning of various countries, analyze the regional power flow direction, and study and propose the overall pattern and interconnection plan of power grid interconnection. Chapter 5 Evaluates the comprehensive economic, social, and environmental benefits of building an energy Internet in Central Asia. Chapter 6 Looking forward to the clean development path and scenario plan of Central Asia’s energy and electricity to achieve the global 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature control goal. Chapter 7 Puts forward relevant policy suggestions for the construction of energy Internet in Central Asia.