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Renewable energy cooperation between Germany and Central Asian countries: an analysis based on drivers, goals and paths 德国与中亚国家的可再生能源合作:基于动力、目标和路径的分析

 Author: Zhang Xiaohui  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Economics, Energy, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: Social Sciences in Xinjiang, 2021(5). 89-99  Publication Date: 2021  Language: Chinese

The huge renewable energy potential of Central Asian countries has attracted the participation of many countries. Among them, Germany has won market share with its capital and technological advantages, which has significance for the construction of the “Green Belt and Road.” This article focuses on renewable energy cooperation issues between Germany and the Central Asian republics, based on the principles of international political economy. The analysis begins with interactivity between the state and the market, and then selects three indicators of cooperation motivation, cooperation goals and cooperation paths to analyze, and draws the conclusion. The preliminary conclusion is that the state plays a key role in developing and nurturing the renewable energy market, and the market provides the impetus for the state to achieve its energy transition goals. The article argues that with the formation of the renewable energy market in Central Asia, the leading role of the state will gradually decrease, so as to achieve sustainable development of energy utilization in Central Asia.Social Sciences in Xinjiang