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Multi-dimensional Perspective on Gas and Oil in Turkmenistan 土库曼斯坦油气问题多维透视

 Author: Wang Sihai  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Energy, Turkmenistan  Publisher: Social Sciences Literature Press  Publication Date: 2020  Buy Now

From multiple perspectives such as oil and gas geology, international politics, petroleum economics, and energy diplomacy, this book discusses in detail the potential of natural gas resources in Turkmenistan, the strength and status of Turkmenistan’s oil and gas industry, Turkmenistan’s oil and gas politics, and Turkmenistan’s oil and gas. Management institutions, Turkmenistan oil and gas development strategy, Turkmenistan natural gas diversified production and export strategy and practice, Turkmenistan oil and gas diplomacy and foreign oil and gas cooperation status, business status of foreign oil and gas companies in Turkmenistan oil and gas production, etc., clarifying Turkmenistan’s diversified natural gas The level and context of product production and export strategy, gave the latest trends of Turkmenistan’s diversified export strategy, discussed the key issues of Turkmenistan’s oil and gas diplomacy and foreign oil and gas cooperation, and comprehensively introduced the history, current situation and development of natural gas cooperation between China and Turkmenistan. The results, pointed out the practical and strategic significance of China-Turkey natural gas cooperation, comprehensively analyzed the various challenges and influencing factors (favorable and unfavorable factors) faced by China-Turkey natural gas cooperation, and pointed out some problems that need to be solved in the development of China-Turkey natural gas cooperation. For the “China-Turkey Natural Gas Cooperation Development Strategy”, he gave his own understanding and specific suggestions from the perspectives of the national level, the enterprise level and the social level.