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Look for ” World Island” 寻找“世界岛”

 Author: Yuan Jian  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History  Publisher: Social Sciences Literature Press  Publication Date: 2020  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

Central Asia and Central Asian countries are not only an important area of ​​China’s Belt and Road Initiative, but also an important member area of ​​the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Economic and trade cooperation with Central Asia and Central Asian countries will also help promote the economic and social development of Northwest China and even the whole country In this context, it is necessary for us to enhance our understanding of Central Asia. The current research mainly focuses on the relationship between contemporary China and Central Asia and the history of Sino-Western exchanges in the historical period. The research on the cognitive situation of regions and countries is still relatively weak. This book will take this as the main focus, through the description of the Central Asian region and countries in the modern Chinese newspapers and periodicals, China’s treatment of the Central Asian countries (including the current Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Turkmenistan) during this period. On this basis, the cognitive history of modern China in Central Asia is analyzed and summarized as a whole, trying to present a picture of modern China’s influence on the cognitive history of Central Asia. A holistic picture of Central Asian cognition.