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International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: New Trends, New Developments and Performance Evaluation – 国际反恐怖合作:新态势、新发展和绩效评估

 Author: Pan Guang, Wang Zhen  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Journal, Security  Publisher: Social Science, 2010(11), 35-43  Publication Date: 2010  Language: Chinese

Since the 9/11 attacks, terrorist activities have begun to show new trends in the fields of tech, ideology, demographics, and localization. In response to these trends, the international must strengthen cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism: building and improving the legal basis for international counter-terrorism cooepration, strengthening and improving the mechanism and efficacy of international counter-terrorism cooperation, and upgrading and updating international transfers of equipment and technology. This study proposed a three-stage evaluation index system assessing cost, cooperation, and capabilities within the framework of the SCO as a specific case study for international cooperation in the field of counterterror.