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In the late Qing Dynasty, the British obtained privileges in Xinjiang, China晚清时期英国在中国新疆特权获得

 Author: Xu Jianying  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History, Xinjiang  Publisher: The Western Regions Studies, 2005(4), 79-84  Publication Date: 2005  Language: Chinese

The privileges obtained by the modern British in Xinjiang that are discussed in this article mainly refer to the appointment of Aksakar, extraterritorial rights and duty-free trade rights for the management of British overseas Chinese. The process of acquiring these privileges by the United Kingdom is different from that in the mainland. They were basically obtained before the establishment of the British Consulate-General in Kashgar. In the past, the academic circles paid little attention to this special case and lacked research. This article uses the archives of the British Ministry of Indian Affairs and other materials to try to make a preliminary study on it.