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History of Central Asia (6 volumes) Volume 2- 中亚史 (共六卷)第二卷

 Author: Lan Qi, Zhao Yonglun  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History, Xinjiang  Publisher: Commercial Press  Publication Date: 2018  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

The second volume of “History of Central Asia” deals with the history of Central Asia from the middle of the 7th century to the end of the 10th century. During these three hundred years, Central Asia has experienced the rule of the Arabs of the Umayyad and Abbasids, the Chinese of the Tang Dynasty, the Tahir Dynasty, the Safar Dynasty and the Persians of the Samanid Dynasty. The book is divided into three parts: “The Fighting of the Deer”, “Central Asia in the Abbasid Dynasty”, and “the Persian Dynasty”. The first series starts from 651 CE when the Arabs destroyed the Sassanid Persian Empire and occupied the Khorasan region in Central Asia, and ends in 750 CE when the Umayyad Dynasty ended its rule in Central Asia; the second series starts from 750 CE when the Abbasid Dynasty rose. The third part starts from the establishment of the Tahir Dynasty in 821 CE to 999 CE when the Samanid Dynasty fell.