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History of Central Asia – 中亚史

 Author: Wang Zhilai  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History, Xinjiang  Publisher: People's Publishing House  Publication Date: 2010  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

From the perspective of geopolitics, any Eurasian country that occupies Central Asia can achieve the following strategic goals depending on geostratic base. The north can contain Russia, the east can coerce China, the south can threaten Iran and control India and Pakistan, the west can reach the Middle East to control the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and it can reach Europe directly through the Black Sea, thus choking traffic routs to Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore, the contemporary American geopolitical strategist Brzezinski called Central Asia “the Balkans of Eurasia.” From the perspective of strategic resources, the whole world is now facing the problem of energy shortages, but Central Asian countries are rich in oil, natural gas, coal and various minerals, which are the “cornucopia” of energy and minerals. This makes Central Asia a region of increased economic and strategic value.