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“Greater Central Asia Plan”: An Important Strategic Step for the United States to Get Out of the Global Dilemma – 大中亚计划”:美国摆脱全球困境的重要战略步骤

 Author: Pan Guang, Zhang Yifeng  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: Diplomatic Review, 2008(2), 85-90  Publication Date: 2008  Language: Chinese

At present, the United States is facing an unprecedented strategic dilemma after the end of the Cold War on a global scale. The important reason why the “Greater Central Asia Plan” can rise from a scholar’s opinion to an official strategic concept is that it not only meets the needs of the adjustment of the US Central Asia policy, but also helps the US to get rid of the predicament in the world. The “Greater Central Asia Plan” focused on economy, adapted to the needs of the development of Central Asian countries, and made some progress. Through the implementation of this plan, the United States will restore its position and influence in Central Asia to a certain extent, and support its efforts to get rid of difficulties in the Middle East and even the world. However, the “Greater Central Asia Plan” still faces a series of difficulties and obstacles, it is impossible for the United States to become the master of Central Asia, and it is not enough to solve the global dilemma faced by the United States.