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Grain Trade between China and Kazakhstan:An Analysis from the Perspectives of Supply-demand,Logistics and Facilitation 中哈粮食贸易:供需、物流及便利化视角的分析 已勘误版

 Author: Guo Hui  Category: Agriculture, Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Journal, Kazakhstan, Security  Publisher: Russia, East European, and Central Asian Studies 2010(2), 50-70  Publication Date: 2020  Language: Chinese  Link to Publisher

Oversupply is a key feature of Kazakhstan’s grain market. Kazakhstan is trying to open overseas grain markets. The current scale of China-Kazakhstan grain trade is very small. This article focuses on the main reasons why China rarely imports Kazakhstan’s wheat. It is believed that the stability of wheat supply, degree of grain trade facilitation, storage and logistics facilities, and grain collection and storage are the main obstacles to greater Kazakhstani exports to China. In addition, there are some factors influencing China’s import of Kazakhstani grain. Firstly, Kazakhstan is far from China’s main grain-consuming area and the trade cost is high. Secondly, China’s large wheat stocks still need to be digested. Thirdly, Xinjiang, which borders Kazakhstan,is a province with stable grain production and sales. Lastly, China’s private enterprises have a small number of grain quotas. In such a situation,China should guide and encourage Chinese enterprises to cooperate more on the agricultural industry chain of Kazakhstan, strengthen cooperation in the field of agricultural services, and help Kazakhstan achieve agricultural structural adjustment and economic diversification.