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Entering the Second Decade: Challenges and Opportunities for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – 走进第二个十年:上海合作组织面临的挑战和机遇

 Author: Pan Guang  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: International Watch, 2011(3), 17-21  Publication Date: 2013  Language: Chinese  Link to Publisher

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization has existed ten years. Over this decade, the SCO has taken remarkable steps to resolve border disputes among member states, combating “three evil forces,” developing the regional economy, and establishing “harmonious” relations. As the SCO enters its second decade, it also faces issues such as strengthening regional stability, consolidating foundations for economic cooperation, and responding to non-traditional security challenges. Under the guidance of the “Shanghai Spirit,” the SCO will seize on new development opportunities, turn challenges into grounds for cooperation, and play a greater role in promoting regional prosperity and stability.