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Documents, Classics and History of the Western Regions – 文书、典籍与西域史地

 Author: Zhang Guangda  Category: Central Asia, Identity, Religion, Xinjiang  Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press  Publication Date: 2008  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

The author believes that the history and cultural connotation of the Western Regions is extremely rich, and worthy of a comprehensive new study like the French almanac school thinker Fernan Braudel did with the Mediterranean. However, the difficulty of studying the Western Regions is far greater than that of studying the Mediterranean region, according to the author. At the same time, the author notes that Arabic and Persian documents and North-Western (Hu) language documents unearthed in Central Asia are of equal importance to Chinese documents in discussing the cultural exchanges between China and the Western Regions and the Iranian world in the Middle Ages. In this book, the author tries to expose the cultural convergence and the historical development over an extended timeframing by narrating and analyzing the time, place, and event in the time-space framework of the Western Regions.