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Comparative Study of Agriculture in China and Kazakhstan 中国与哈萨克斯坦农业比较研究

 Author: Wei Feng  Category: Agriculture, Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Kazakhstan  Publisher: China Agriculture Press  Publication Date: 2018  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

“Comparative Agricultural Research in China and Kazakhstan” conducted a comparative analysis of agriculture between China and Kazakhstan. There are three main aspects. They describe and summarize the geographical environment of the two countries, the status of agriculture in the national economy, agricultural resources and characteristics, agricultural production structure and changes, agricultural policy system, and agricultural cooperation, and compare and analyze the characteristics and similarities of the two countries in these aspects; the second is to conduct empirical analysis of agricultural trade between China and Kazakhstan, use the market share index and the trade competition index to analyze the competitiveness of agricultural trade between the two countries, use the demonstrative comparative advantage index, the export product similarity index, the trade complementarity index and the intra-industry trade index to analyze the competitiveness and complementarity of agricultural trade between the two countries, and use the gravity model of expanding trade to calculate the agricultural trade between the two countries. The third is to put forward countermeasures and suggestions for future agricultural cooperation between the two countries.