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Comment on Russia’s turn to the East – 评俄罗斯转向东

 Author: Zhao Huasheng  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, International Relations, Journal, Russia  Publisher: Russian Eastern Europe and Central Asia Studies, 2016(4), 1-16  Publication Date: 2016  Language: Chinese

This paper clarifies the concept of turning to the East and points out that Russia’s turning to the East is a diplomatic and economic turn, not a cultural turn. The goal of turning east is not to leave Europe, but to improve Asia’s status while continuing to develop relations with Europe. The Ukrainian crisis contributed to the turn to the East, but it also had negative effects. Turning to the East is not a simple foreign policy, but a comprehensive development strategy that includes both domestic and international content. The main challenge of turning to the East comes from within Russia, and endogenous power is also its main source of power. The policy does not mean turning to China completely.