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Comment on America’s New Afghanistan Strategy – 评美国新阿富汗战略

 Author: Zhao Huasheng  Category: Afghanistan, Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, International Relations, Journal, Politics  Publisher: Fudan Journal (Social Science Edition), 2009(6), 1-9  Publication Date: 2009  Language: Chinese  Link to Publisher

Obama announced a new strategy for Afghanistan within two months of taking office as U.S. president, which was also the first strategic document launched by the Obama administration. The new strategy is the Obama administration’s attempt to break the Afghan predicament. It has different ideas and policies from the previous administration in terms of goal-setting, means selection and resource allocation. The new strategy is formulated on the basis of the experience and lessons of the war in Afghanistan for more than seven years. It is closer to reality and has strong pertinence. However, the new strategy also has a series of uncertainties and weaknesses. In general, the new strategy is mainly “technical,” while the Afghan crisis has profound political factors, technical means can control but cannot resolve political issues. In a sense, the new strategy is the prelude to the exit strategy, which may lead to the withdrawal of the United States from the frontline of the battlefield in Afghanistan.