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Collection of Essays on the 80th Birthday of Mr. Zhang Guangda – 張廣達先生八十華誕祝壽論文集

 Author: Zhu Fengyu, Wang Juan  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geography, Xinjiang  Publisher: Xinwenfeng Publishing Company  Publication Date: 2010  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

The focus of the research is on the history and geography of the Western Regions, with special emphasis on the study of the laws and regulations of the Tang Dynasty, the influence of the Central Plains civilization on the oasis countries in the Western Regions, the activities of multi-ethnic groups in China since the Tang Dynasty, and the process of the convergence of various cultures in the Western Regions. It contains 45 papers by scholars at home and abroad, divided into five categories: “Chinese History”, “Western Regions History and Geography”, “Dunhuang and Turpan Studies”, “East-West Cultural Exchange”, and “Academic History”.