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China and Greater Eurasian Partnership – 中国与大欧亚伙伴关系

 Author: Zhao Huasheng  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: International Studies, 2017(6), 14-27  Language: Chinese

The Greater Eurasian Partnership is Russia’s macro-regional strategic vision, which conceptually modifies both Europeanism and “turning to the East,” but it is not a simple enlargement of Eurasianism. The core of Eurasianism is the relationship between Russia and the former Soviet republics, while the essence of the Greater Eurasian Partnership is the relationship between Russia (Eurasian Economic Union) and other countries in the Eurasian region. In addition to general economic interests, the Eurasian region is of great significance to China in counter-terrorism, security, energy, production capacity and infrastructure construction. China should work with Russia to promote the Greater Eurasian cooperation, enrich and develop its connotation, and add Chinese elements to it.