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Central Asian Studies from a Regional Perspective 区域视野下的中亚研究

 Author: Li Rudong, Huang Dayuan  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History, Transition  Publisher: Social Sciences Literature Press  Publication Date: 2020  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This book is a collection of academic seminar papers edited by Huang Dayuan and Li Rudong. In view of the academic nature, readability, and originality of some articles, they can be transformed and reassembled into academic books. The purpose of this book is to serve as an introductory book for graduate students of Central Asian history in colleges and universities. It puts Central Asia in the global history perspective, and discusses the problems of Central Asian history research from the perspective of theory, method, and specific research topics. The first article is “‘The Belt and Road Initiative’ and Regional Research”. From the perspective of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, from the perspective of world history, it examines the historical status of Central Asia in ancient history, emphasizing that Central Asia is the ancient connection between Eurasia The center is a theoretical problem. The second part, “Rethinking ‘Central Asia'”, mainly discusses the history of Central Asia in the pre-modern 18-19 centuries. The third part, “Central Asia in Transition”, focuses on academic history and discusses the construction of related disciplines, paradigms and discourses in the study of the history of Central Asia in my country since 1949. The appendix part contains two articles, one is an overview of the development trend of Central Asia in history, and the other is a translation of the methodology.