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Central Asia Under “Color Revolution” Attacks “颜色革命”袭击下的中亚

 Author: Pan Zhiping  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, Politics, Security, Transition  Publisher: Xinjiang People's Press  Publication Date: 2006  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This is the concept of the West, it can be said to be a discourse of the West, these countries have political changes, and these changes like Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan are all under a certain color logo. For example, the Georgian opposition carries out its political process with red roses, and the opposition holds red roses for its political process. The sign is also considered a non-violent connotation, and the opposition has chosen such a way. Ukraine is a kind of orange. When the opposition is in a political contest with the authorities, it is a political act to assign a certain color to a certain color and attract the attention of domestic and foreign public opinion.