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Central Asia: Nomadic culture – 中亚:马背上的文化

 Author: Xiang Yingjie  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, History, Identity  Publisher: Zhejiang People's Publishing House  Publication Date: 1993  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

Nomadic culture, together with agricultural and industrial culture, is an important part of the history of human civilization. The number of research projects on nomadic culture in the national literature is not enough and much work remains to be done. This book deals with the Huns, Turks, Mongolians of the Altaic language family, and the Goths and Serbs of the Indo-European language family. It outlines the overall appearance of nomadic culture in Asia and Europe, shows the unique figures of each nomadic people, reveals the rich connotation of nomadic culture, and discusses the characteristics of nomadic culture and the reasons for its rise and fall on the world stage.