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Building a mutual trust system in Asia and a new security concept – 构建亚洲相互信任体系和新型安全观

 Author: Pan Guang  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, Journal  Publisher: International Outlook, 2014(3), 3  Publication Date: 2014  Language: Chinese

In history, Asia used the Silk Road that traverses the east and west to promote global commodity trade and civilizational dialogue, and promote human progress and prosperity. Today, Asia remains the most dynamic region in the world. With its vast territory, large population, rapid growth, diverse cultures and regional cooperation, Asia is making important contributions to world peace and development. However, when the common problems and global challenges encountered by mankind are increasing day by day, Asia is also the region with the most complex security situation in the world. Intensifying Middle Eastern conflicts and extremism; protracted civil war in Afghanistan; Iranian and North Korean nuclear issues; as well as territorial, island and maritime disputes between nations.