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Annual Report on Development of Central Asia (2021) 中亚黄皮书:中亚国家发展报告(2021)

 Author: Sun Li (ed.)  Category: Agriculture, Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Economics, Energy, Politics, Security, Transition  Publisher: Social Sciences Literature Press  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This book was organized and prepared by the Russian Institute of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The authors are all experts and scholars from major Chinese research institutions on Central Asian issues. Their opinions are highly authoritative and reliable, and provide readers with an important reference for understanding and studying the situation in Central Asia and international relations issues. The book consists of five sections, namely general report, sub-report, regional topics, Central Asia and the world, and country situation. The author introduces and analyzes the political, economic and social situation, hot issues, major events, and basic national conditions of Central Asian countries since 2020 from the perspective of macro and micro, respectively, and looks forward to the development trend of Central Asia in 2021.