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Analysis of the Strategic Docking and Cooperation between China and Tajikistan in the New Era 新时代中国与塔吉克斯坦战略对接合作评析

 Author: Yang Jin, Wang Yuyi  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Geopolitics, Tajikistan  Publisher: Russia, East European, and Central Asian Studies 2020(6), 103-119  Publication Date: 2020  Language: Chinese

China and Tajikistan have already established a comprehensive strategic partnership. Tajikistan is the first country to sign an agreement with China on the joint construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and thus, the two countries have a basis for strategic cooperation. Tajikistan’s National Development Strategy of Tajikistan before 2030 (referred to as the “2030 Strategy”) identifies four priority directions of its development, which also opens a new chapter for China-Tajikistan strategic cooperation. Since then, the two countries have signed many agreements related to strategic docking and cooperation and established relevant mechanisms and platforms. Under the framework of China-Tajikistan strategic docking and cooperation, the two countries have made historic progress in energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and production capacity cooperation, which lays a solid foundation for the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.