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A Study on the Silk Road in Tang Dynasty and the History and Geography of Central Asia 唐代丝绸之路与中亚史地丛考

 Author: Xu Xuya  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, History  Publisher: Commercial Press  Publication Date: 2015  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This book is centered on four Tang Dynasty documents and other related records, focusing on the major topic of “Tang Dynasty and Central Asia”, and discusses the changes of the Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty, the orientations and roads of Central Asian cities, The political development of the Central Asian Hu in the 7th and 8th centuries, the evolution of the political relationship between the Central Asian Hu and the Tang Dynasty, the political relationship between the Central Asian Hu, the Tang Dynasty and the Dashi, the Tang Dynasty supported the Hu in Central Asia to fight against the Da Shi The role of food in the struggle, the Tang people’s understanding of the Zhuhu in Central Asia, and the credibility of the Chinese records. In terms of research methods, I strive to compare and contrast the Arab-Islamic geographies, archaeological data from Central Asia, and Tang Dynasty documents, and to differentiate and analyze the previous research results.