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A Study on Tajikistan’s Resource Development and Utilization and Agricultural Investment Environment塔吉克斯坦资源开发利用与农业投资环境调查研究

 Author: Ma Huilan, Liu Yingjie, Zhang Jusong  Category: Economics, Energy, Tajikistan  Publisher: China Agriculture Press  Publication Date: 2015  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

This book includes an overview of Tajikistan’s natural conditions, Tajikistan’s mineral/energy resources and development and utilization, Tajikistan’s tourism, Tajikistan’s overall economic and social development status, industrial and economic development in Tajikistan, population development and urbanization in Tajikistan, agricultural economic development in Tajikistan, relevant laws and policies for attracting foreign investment in Tajikistan, foreign and Chinese investment in agriculture in Tajikistan, comprehensive evaluation of agricultural investment environment in Tajikistan, investigation and analysis of the willingness of Tajikistan and China to cooperate in agriculture, investigation and analysis of Tajikistan residents’ fruit, vegetable and agricultural products consumption characteristics and consumption preferences, China’s agricultural investment cooperation model and cooperation areas in Tajikistan, and China’s agricultural investment cooperation in Tajikistan Risk estimation and countermeasures.