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A Study on Central Asian Population Issues 中亚人口问题研究

 Author: Wu Hongwei  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, Geography, History, Identity, Migration  Publisher: China Minzu University Press  Publication Date: 2004  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

“Central Asian Population Issues” is divided into nine chapters. The first chapter introduces the status of the population in Central Asia during and before Tsarist Russia; the second chapter provides readers with census data about Central Asia during the Soviet period, and studies and introduces the population status and characteristics of Central Asia during this period. The chapter also introduces the population development and status quo of the Central Asian countries after independence, and the author’s views on their future development trends; the fourth chapter mainly introduces the transnational migration and domestic population migration that appeared after the independence of the Central Asian countries, and discusses the main causes of their emergence. The reasons and consequences are analyzed and discussed; the fifth chapter mainly introduces the population policies of Central Asian countries; the sixth chapter is the population and economic issues, mainly the population research field and economic related issues; the seventh chapter is the relationship between population and ethnic religions issues, mainly introduces bilingual and multilingual phenomena related to population, and explore the impact of population on ethnic relations and religion; Chapter 8 is population and domestic politics, mainly analyzing the relationship and mutual influence of population and domestic policies; Chapter 9 It is about population and international relations, mainly discussing the impact of demographic issues on international relations in Central Asia and the relationship between Central Asia and related countries.