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A Study of Central Asian Chinese Donggan Literature and Russian Culture – 中亚华裔东干文学与俄罗斯文化研究

 Author: Si Junqin  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, Identity  Publisher: Publishing House of Minority Nationalities  Publication Date: 2020  Buy Now

Central Asian Chinese Donggan literature actively absorbs the essence and heterogeneous factors of Russian culture. It is not only deeply influenced and reshaped from the explicit aspects of literary language, literary thought trends, literary themes, and literary themes, but also is potentially tainted by the spirit of Russian culture, mainly reflected in the strong spirit of patriotism, the humanitarian spirit of the people at the bottom of society, the attention to human suffering, and the strong sense of criticism of national culture. This is not only the result of the deep infiltration of the moral judgment and value orientation of Donggan writers by Russian culture, but also demonstrates the common spiritual value and meaning of life of mankind expressed by heterogeneous cultures in the process of mutual exchange.