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A Comparative Study of Kazakh Transnational Society and Culture 哈萨克跨国民族社会文化比较研究

 Author: Wang Xilong, Wang Jinguo  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, Identity, Kazakhstan, Migration, Nomadism, Xinjiang  Publisher: Publishing House of Minority Nationalities  Publication Date: 2009  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

Chinese ethnology has its own characteristics, which are mainly reflected in the following five aspects: 1. In terms of guiding ideology, it follows the guidance of Marxism-Leninism and looks at the current situation and trend of the development of ethnic issues in China and the world. It fully reflects and absorbs the excellent ideas and latest achievements of the development of ethnology in the world, and promotes the equality and harmonious development of all ethnic groups in China and the world. 2. In terms of content, it takes Chinese ethnology and ethnic issues as a base, and builds a knowledge system that conforms to the new development of China and the world. 3. As for methods, a variety of methods, including empirical, speculative, comparative and comprehensive methods, are used, combining qualitative and quantitative, description and analysis, field and literature, and make full use of modern science and technology to promote ethnological research to have a broader scope. 4. In terms of perspective, it is believed that a nation is a group that includes various factors such as politics, economy, society, culture, history, psychology, race, biology, etc. It is a comprehensive social group with distinctive features. 5. In terms of ideological traditions, it inherits the rich and profound ideological understanding of ethnic entities and ethnic relations: ethnic issues in ancient China, and absorbs the experience, policies and methods of dealing with ethnic issues in multi-ethnic countries in Chinese history. Ethnology has been further sublimated and developed in China, which has thousands of years of multi-ethnic coexistence and accumulated profound traditional national thoughts.