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An Interpretation of Kizil Mural “Buddha Subduing the King of Suvarnabhumi “克孜尔壁画“挽弓试力金地王”释读

 Author: Ren Pingshan  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Culture, History, Journal, Xinjiang  Publisher: The Western Regions Studies, 2021(4),124-131  Publication Date: 2021  Language: Chinese  Link to Publisher

There is one kind of square picture of Buddha’s life story in Kucha murals which portrays kings and a figure holding a bow in front of the Sitting Buddha. According to relevant texts in Damamukanidana-Sutra and Avadanasataka,the theme of this scene can be presumed to be the story of Buddha subduing the King of Suvarnabhumi. In this story,Buddha changed into a Cakravartin to meet with the King of Suvarnabhumi. G·rhapati( the minister of treasury of Cakravartin) presented a bow and arrows to Buddha. The Cakravartin had an archery competition with the King of Suvarnabhumi. The King of Suvarnabhumi,who failed in the competition,finally converted to Buddha whom restored his original appearance and gave a sermon to his disciples.