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Патшалық Ресей және Кеңес Империяларының Қазақстандағы Рухани Отарлау Саясатының Зардаптары (XIX ғасырдың 70-80 жылдары – XXI ғасырдың басы) (Consequences of the Policy of Spiritual Colonization by Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Empire in Kazakhstan (70-80 years of the 19th Century to the Beginning of the 21st Century))
Author: Gulmira Mashimbaeva, Serik Mashimbaev Category: History, Kazakhstan, Religion Publisher: Kazakh University Publication Date: 2013 Language: Kazakh Link to Publisher

The book describes Russia’s spiritual colonization through education and learning. It analyzes the essence of the twin policies of Russification and Christianization, and how they were implemented in Kazakhstan.