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Беспредел. Реальная история Казахстана в начале XXI века

 Автор: Gennady Beneditsky  Category: Казахстан, Политика  Publisher: Meloman Publishing  Publication Date: 2018  Язык: Русский

The book is a collection of the most acute articles by Gennady Benditsky, published at different times. The materials in the book are grouped into sections: «Power in the Share» — about corruption among high-ranking officials, «Tanks are not afraid of dirt» — about corruption in the Ministry of Defense, «Mutual responsibility» — about law enforcement agencies, «All against all» — about departmental wars in power structures, «Corps de ballet of national security» — stories from the life of special services, «Clouds go gloomy on the border» — about the work of border services.