The Political Economy of Kyrgyzstan’s Revolutions: Kleptocracy Before and After October 2020

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The Political Economy of Kyrgyzstan’s Revolutions: Kleptocracy Before and After October 2020

Monday 27 September, 7.00-8.30pm Bishkek, 2.00-3.30pm London, 9.00-10.30am Washington DC

This event is co-organized by the Oxus Society and the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence project.

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Erica Marat, National Defense University

Kemel Toktomushev, University of Central Asia

Saniya Toktogazieva, American University of Central Asia

Balihar Sanghera, University of Kent

Tom Mayne, University of Exeter


Edward Lemon, The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs

John Heathershaw, University of Exeter

The upcoming first anniversary of the resignation of President Jeenbekov marks an opportunity to reflect on the events which led to the controversial election of Sadyr Japarov in January of this year. This event attempts to view these events, not in political terms, but in terms of national and transnational financial networks (both licit and illicit), and the impact they have on a country’s political system.

It asks how we should we interpret the events of October 2020, and to what extent the political economy dynamics of these events were similar to previous revolutions in the country. Questions have been raised regarding the forces that stand behind Japarov, and whether he is beholden to organized criminal elements in consolidating his power. The roundtable will thus ask in what ways this administration differs from previous regimes.

It will also examine who are the main external enablers of kleptocracy in Kyrgyzstan, and to what extent do offshore and global linkages facilitate grand corruption. It will also examine how kleptocracy can be countered, and what are the best strategies to achieve this, both locally in Kyrgyzstan and globally.


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The Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs