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The Security Situation in Central Asia and the Important Role of the SCO 中亚安全形势及上合组织的重要作用

 Author: Sun Zhuangzhi  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, International Relations, Journal  Publisher: Academic Journal of Russian Studies, 2018(2), vol. 8, 45-59  Publication Date: 2018  Language: Chinese

New characteristics have emerged in Central Asian security: internal conflicts are under effective control, and the external security environment is more complex, in which direct challenges to stability and security come from the adjacent “hot spots.” Polarization between the rich and the poor and the big gap between regional development has caused structural imbalance across society. Extremism and rampant corruption mixed with the above-mentioned problems suggest that future Central Asian security crises will likely come from nontraditional threats. After its expansion, the SCO will not change the basic position of Central Asia as a key region of multilateral cooperation and will adhere to the original concept, principles, and specific means of cooperating in the security realm. The SCO should not become a tool for geopolitical games but become an important platform to practice multilateral governance. The SCO member states should, through practical cooperation in maintaining regional security and stability, build a community of common destiny and shared interests.