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Central Asia Legal System Studies Series: A Study on Kazakhstan’s Investment Legal System 中亚法律制度研究系列:哈萨克斯坦投资法律制度研究

 Author: Wang Linbin, Wang Xiaofeng  Category: Central Asia, Chinese Scholarship, Kazakhstan, Law  Publisher: Lanzhou University Press  Publication Date: 2012  Language: Chinese  Buy Now

Through the research and analysis of Kazakhstan’s investment law, we can better understand the investment legal environment in Kazakhstan and the development trend of related legal systems, not only can learn from Kazakhstan. Facing the wave of economic globalization, learn how to create a good legal and social environment for the entry of foreign capital through the improvement of investment legislation and the conscientious implementation of various laws and regulations, so as to attract more foreign capital and improve its own economy and the level of social development, and bring benefits to their own people; and they can learn how to avoid the adverse effects of globalization and continuously improve their ability to prevent economic risks. This is a major issue faced by all developing countries, including China.